PCC ICF Leadership Coach


When growing up, we were asked, “What do you want to be?”

 Why can’t we answer with “be happy” or, better yet, “be authentic and happy” especially at work. 

How many of us get trapped in the rat race of day to day work and lose touch with the real reason we got into the work we are doing today? 

 How many of us got trapped in this rat race, only to lose ourselves in the process?

Now more than ever we want to bring our authentic selves to work. 

This has been something I have strived to help others with (including myself) since I have started my career. 

Through crafting leadership learning and coaching journeys, I have provided space for over 4,600 professionals to harmonize with their passions and reasons for coming to work every single day. Individuals and teams are guided within find their answers, wellbeing, and alignment with their true, authentic self at work leading to overall enhanced effectiveness, team cohesiveness, and business outcomes. 

Core competencies: Coaching, Facilitation, Experiential Learning, Goal Setting, Program Return on Investment (ROI), Leadership Development, Communication Strategy, Mindfulness, Behavior Modification, Thought Awareness, Offshore team and expat cultural awareness (working between the US and India)