The main focus of this one day tailored training program is to help call center agents reduce their AHT – Average call handling time by equipping them with the required call control and questioning skills needed to effectively control each call more efficiently and help them lead and steer conversations with customers tactfully towards a more structured call flow resulting in a swift and professional answers and resolution of customer issues without compromising customer experience/customer satisfaction.

AHT is one of the most important operational metrics and an important indicator for any call center and a key input in scheduling and calculating required staffing. This program will help reduce agents’ overall AHT by helping them optimize their call handling skills enhancing the overall contact center performance to ensure quality of customer service is not diminished but better yet improved.

Duration                        Learning Credits        

1 day-8 hours of            8 PDU’s 



Public Classroom Pricing:     

Early Bird Price: USD 595.00

Regular Price: USD 795.00

Instructor-Led Virtual Live Pricing:

Early Bird Price: USD 495.00

Regular Price: USD 695.00

Private Group/ In-House Learning:

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Course Outline

Module 1: Importance of controlling each call

Why is High AHT (Average Handling time) a problem?

What is call control and why do calls go out of control?

Are you an expert?

Keeping callers focused on the issue.

Module 2: Using the power of questions:

Importance of questions (Battleship activity).

Effectively using open and closed questions to control calls.

Types of questions to use.

The call control process.

Module 3: Call control techniques:

Beginning the call and taking control – Clarifying the call’s purpose.

Creating opening questions & establishing call control.

Following a pre-defined call structure.

Using the caller’s name.

Bridging – tactfully redirecting the conversation (4 step process).

Doing your after call work during the call.

Module 4: Additional call control tips and skill practice activities:

Call control tips.

Recorded calls critique session (5 actual good calls + 5 actual bad calls).

Why are you calling? (Role play activity).

Who can attend?

Call center customer service agents and support staff who wish to improve their control over calls and reduce average call handling time.

Learning Goals

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

● Understand the importance of controlling each call with each customer.

● Follow a 3 step process to regain control of calls with angry and talkative callers.

● Explore 9 different techniques to control calls more effectively.

● Utilize the power of questions for better call control.

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